Robust Corridors

North–South zone of the Tilburg Green Template


North-South zone of the Tilburg Green Template Usefulness and need, alternatives and incorporation


A study of the opportunities to lay out the North–South zone as an ecological corridor, augmented by a design that takes account of existing and future land use in and around the zone.


The Green Template is an agreemnent between Tilburg municipality and a dozen partners, setting out guidelines for the combination of a sustainable ecological structure and urban development. The objective of using the North–South zone as an ecological corridor is at risk from construction schemes. Research was done to ascertain which species depend on the North–South zone for their sustainability. The required spatial building blocks for the ecological corridor were formulated using the ecoprofiles table and the Robust Corridors Handbook. In a workshop, ecologists, urban planners and representatives of the municipality and local wildlife organisations produced two alternative basic designs for the corridor, plus an alternative that goes around the zone. The repercussions of the basic design (in terms of the necessary mitigation of infrastructural barriers and the required improvement in the quality of the area abutting on to the ecological corridor) were charted.   

Added value for the customer

Support for the proposals, because the alternatives were developed jointly by the urban planners and representatives of wildlife and nature conservation organisations. Tilburg Council was able to make a considered decision based on the elaboration of the alternatives.  


Science as a mediator: facilitating a negotiation process between stakeholders on corridor planning. Beno J.H. Koolstra, Claire C. Vos and Eveliene G. Steingröver.


(in Dutch) Noord-Zuidzone Groene Mal Tilburg. Nut & noodzaak, alternatieven en inpassingen, 2004, B.J.H. Koolstra, E.G. Steingröver, C.C. Vos, R.J.W. Olde Loohuis, Alterra report nr. 1099.

One of the solutions developed by group 2 in order to incorporate the ecological corridor into the urban landscape.