Progress & results - Russia

During the following years, the productivity improvement program really gets underway. It becomes increasingly dynamic as progress and results are measured, and the various projects fine-tuned accordingly. To achieve the full results and desired productivity improvement at the agro-holding level, it takes usually between 3 and 5 years. When objectives are met more quickly, our program is finished earlier.

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After the first year, progress is checked and the improvement plan is adjusted accordingly. For instance, there may have been changes in the environment of the agro-holding that require adjustments in the improvement plan.

Examples are:

  • prices of inputs or outputs
  • extreme weather conditions
  • government regulations


Several projects are started in line with the agreed (adjusted) improvement plan. The projects are selected in close cooperation with the management of the agro-holding.

Examples of possible projects:

  • high-value crop rotation and feed optimization
  • animal management and post-natal mortality
  • disease and pest control
  • young stock management
  • irrigation and water supply
  • harvest and handling
  • soil tillage
  • weed control

Training activities

The specific on-farm training activities are continued, and sometimes new courses are identified and started. All courses are worked out in accordance with the (adjusted) improvement plan, and agreed with the agro-holding management.

Examples of courses for workers and middle management:

  • maintenance of equipment
  • economics and risk management
  • human resource management
  • hygiene and food safety
  • animal health and vaccination
  • productivity and quality management
  • energy use, biomass and re-use of waste