Organic Experimental and Training Farm ‘Droevendaal’

The Organic Experimental Farm ‘Droevendaal’ is offering facilities for research and education covering the organic production with a special focus on the rotation of crops.

At this location many different experiments are performed, for example with miscanthus (elephant grass) or the monitoring of worms and insects.

‘Droevendaal’ is primarily available for Wageningen University & Research education. Students are schooled in the close vicinity of the daily practice of an organic farm.

‘Droevendaal’ is managing 50 ha Skal certified experimental fields for agriculture and horticulture. The cropping plan comprises a wide crop rotation with grass, clover, cereals and potatoes.

The Bovenbuurtse meadows are situated at the Kierkamperweg. This is a 40-year old natural grassland area of 13 ha.

There is a woody network of hedges (blackthorn, cornel, elder), pollard trees (pollard willow) and wooded banks (willow and alder). There also is a herbaceous network of grass strips along the fields as well as sown herbaceous strips (daisy mixture consisting of 70 herb species). And there are two large and one small amphibian ponds.