Norwegian maples

Variety testing of street trees

Growers, practitioners in urban green and scientists work together to evaluate new or relatively unknown trees and cultivars for their value as street tree.

From 1997 until 2005 over 2000 trees belonging to 75 species and cultivars were planted on locations in in 17 municipalities en 3 experimental gardens in the Netherlands. All trees were visited regularly in the period till 2010 to monitor their growth and development. Comparing the results on the different locations provided unique information on the character and potential of use as street tree of the individual species and cultivars in the Netherlands.

In 2011 all available data have been processed into 2-page illustrated descriptions of all 75 species and cultivars tested. These descriptions (in Dutch) are available as pdf-files through this website, as well as all (Dutch) publications from the project! The available publications in English (below), German and French are also listed separately.

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The Dutch tree nursery industry invested in this project through the Dutch Product Board of Horticulture.