Wageningen Soil Conference 2017

Wageningen Soil Conference 2017

Soil Science in a Changing World
August 27 - 31, 2017

The third edition of the Wageningen Soil Conference – Soil Science in a Changing World was held from 28th until 31st of August 2017. As in previous editions, the aim was to discuss the importance of soils and the developments in soil science in the light of the global issues of food security, water resources, biodiversity loss, land degradation, and climate change. Each of these issues was discussed for half a day with key-note speeches, plenary debates, presentations of recent research, and 1-minute poster pitches. Additionally, we spend half a day discussing the cross-cutting nature of the Governance & Policy aspects vis-à-vis the importance of soils in these issues.

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One of the highlights from the plenary sessions was an inspiring keynote by Simon Moolenaar on a successful business approach to land restoration, resulting in improved land management practices that prevent land degradation as well as improved livelihoods for the local population. Another one was the highly entertaining crash course on soil organic carbon dynamics given by Karen Vancampenhout entitled The ways of the dead: ecosystems handle their organic matter differently.

For further highlights, photo's and video's: see the webpage Highlights WSC 2017.

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