Highlights WSC 2015

At the Wageningen Soil Conference 2015 – Soil Science in a Changing World – about 250 soil scientists from 46 different countries met with policy makers to discuss how soil sciences can contribute to confront the great challenges of our time - food security, water resources, biodiversity, land functions and climate change.
Challenged by an inspiring opening speech by the Wageningen UR President Prof. dr Louise Fresco, the participants agreed on a resolution that outlines a direction and approach to ensure that soil solutions will be used to improve the quality of life.
You can download the resolution below.
We invite you to spread the resolution in your network, absorb its contents, and act accordingly. Together we can make a change and contribute to the quality of life!

We wish to thank all those involved in formulating and supporting this resolution for their willingness to look for common ground and think in solutions. By adopting the resolution, WSC2015 participants step beyond common scientific practice and show leadership with respect to implementing and communicating scientific solutions to societal challenges in close partnership with non-scientific stakeholders.

Resolution WSC 2015

Book of Abstracts Wageningen Soil Conference 2015

Photo Album WSC 2015

Photographer: Guy Ackermans

Opening by Louise Fresco

The opening of Wageningen Soil Conference as broadcasted by WUR-TV livestream.

Governance and Policy Keynotes: Ronald Vargas and Gerda Verburg

WUR-TV livestream broadcast of the Keynotes of the Governance and Policy Session: Ronald Vargas and Gerda Verburg

Article in Resource: We should focus more on the soil

Article in Resource online (Wageningen University Magazine), featuring an interview with Jakob Wallinga

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