Work Package 2

The main objective is the development and optimization of assays and the resulting multianalyte microarray. Preparation and purification of the reagents necessary for the analysis of the target analytes (allergens and mycotoxins and/or antibiotics), optimization of the measurement protocols with the nano-SPRi systems provided by Plasmore and to validate them with state-of-art analytical devices.


This WP is the core of the IMPRESS project and consists of the following tasks; 1) Preparation, purification (large scale) and testing of the reagents (antibodies and protein-conjugates) necessary for the analysis of the target analytes selected from the two different model food contaminants (allergens and mycotoxins and/or antibiotics), 2)  Development of the assays on the surface chemistry supplied by Plasmore, 3) Optimization for the sample preparation procedure with cereals as the main model food, 4) Multiplexing of the assays by means of the microarray and 5) Proof of principle using food samples and comparison with methods of current use.