Work Package 3

The main objective is the development of a high-density peptide microarray for food allergens.


RIKILT Wageningen UR has a broad selection of monoclonal antibodies developed against important food allergens (e.g. peanut and hazelnut) in its lab. These antibodies were generated using protein extracts as immunogens and their specific epitopes are unknown. Epitope mapping of such immunogens is possible by means of a high density peptide microarray of 10-15mers. From the binding intensity data of the different antibodies using the iSPR system, the peptides with the highest affinity will be selected and then used for setting up robust inhibition assays on the nanostructured surfaces of the portable iSPR.  

This data will pave the way for the inclusion of peptide fields with varying affinity for the same antibody which would allow to increase the working range of the assays developed.