Food for all

In a world of plenty, no one – not a single person – should go hungry. I invite all of you to join me in working for a future without hunger
Ban-Ki Moon at The Zero Hunger Challenge

'Food for all' touches the heart of Wageningen UR (University & Research centre) and very much reflects our mission ‘To explore the potential of nature, to improve the quality of life.’ Although hunger is directly related to food security, we are convinced of the need to move beyond that.

Not only the production, but also the use and utilisation of food products are decisive for the effect of food on our health. Consumption patterns, determined by cultural, social and economic factors, need to be linked to production and processing systems in order to achieve nutrition security. This website  illustrates how the research and education at Wageningen UR contributes to nutrition security, and demonstrates the commitment of our scientists to support the Zero Hunger Challenge with one of the most powerful instruments available: Science.

Professor Martin J. Kropff
Rector Magnificus

Wageningen University

Sustainable nutrition security