SiLiCo Centre

SiLiCo Centre Wageningen (Simulating Life Science’s Complexity) is a virtual centre that acts as a portal to Wageningen University’s expertise on modelling complex systems through agent-based simulations.

Let's meet in SiLiCo!

Policy and management for socioecological systems, like fisheries, agricultural systems, and landscapes, do not directly target the objectives of these systems - e.g., reduce over-fishing. Instead, they indirectly alter the objectives by targeting the actions of people - e.g., by imposing rules on fishermen. The models and simulations made in SiLiCo allow us to ask "what if?" questions about policy or (human) behaviour.

SiLiCo organizes lectures and summer courses, and it allows researchers, clients and students to find their way to the university’s activities around complexity. Find out more about the research around Complex Adaptive Systems and Agent Based Modelling we do in Wageningen University & Research in this SPOC (small online private course) on CAS.

SiLiCo - together with PE&RC - organizes the Summer school on Agent Based Modelling for Resilience at WUR. The latest edition took place in an online format from June 1th until June 24th, 2021. The next edition is planned to take place on-site in June or July 2023. More information will follow this fall. We have also - again in collaboration with PE&RC - organized a PhD course on the Essentials of Modelling at WUR in February 2023.


SiLiCo Centre Wageningen’s mission is:

  • To be a contact point for WUR researchers in the area of Complex Adaptive Systems, resilience, Agent Based Modelling, and for research clients seeking contact with WUR,
  • To do so in a multidisciplinary way, involving all five knowledge units of WUR,
  • And to contribute to the quality of life in this way.

    Our research aims are:

    • To improve good practice in Complex Adaptive Systems research, involving model conceptualization, model analysis, validation, growth of knowledge across projects,
    • To further proposal writing by researchers from WUR in calls that are relevant to CAS research.

    Current example projects involving SiLiCo

    Past example projects involving SiLiCo