Combined Animal and Laboratory Services

Facilitating your research at all biosafety levels

Animal facilities

We have facilities for research in routine laboratory animals as well as farm animals and wildlife. All animal species can be infected with highly contagious pathogens up to biosafety level 3 as well as GMOs via various experimental or natural infection routes. Animals can be housed under different conditions, ranging from farm to sterile. An operating room is available for simple to complex surgery. We aim for the highest possible level of animal welfare under all circumstances. Our ethical committee ensures that all animal experiments are evaluated according to Dutch laws on animal experiments. Several types of study can be realised at our versatile animal facility such as vaccination-challenge studies, feed interventions, transmission experiments, stress, welfare and behaviour studies. Complex technical procedures like fistulating intestinal tract or lymph fluid cannulas can be performed. Several animal models are available for both veterinary and human purposes.

Laboratory facilities

The animal facilities are supported by extensive laboratory facilities. Pathology expertise, immunobiology assays and genome-wide screens to determine host responses are available. Modern molecular biology, virology and bacteriology laboratories, including relevant pathogen collections, form the backbone of the infectious disease research. Large numbers of samples can be processed at the diagnostic department.  Feeding studies are evaluated with regard to intestinal tract physiology. Complex bacterial populations like the gut microbiota are determined using sequencing techniques and bioinformatics expertise.

Research focus

We are an independent research institute and the national reference laboratory for the statutory tasks of the Dutch government in the field of veterinary science. Research includes host-pathogen interaction, antimicrobial resistance, zoonotic infectious diseases and emerging vector-borne diseases.