Optimising udder health

Impact story

Optimising udder health

Dairy cattle farmers want healthy animals and good milk production. Udder health is an important part of this. Bacteria that penetrate udders can cause infection.

Fending off bacteria

Udder infections are easy to treat, but they account for the majority of antibiotic use. There’s also a negative impact on milk quality. Fending off bacteria is therefore very important both for the cattle and the dairy farmers.

Research into dairy goats

Wageningen Bioveterinary Research (WBVR) is carrying out research into the various ways in which bacteria enter the udder. In cows, bacteria usually enter the udder through the teat orifice. It’s not clear whether the same is true for goats. We’re currently working with various partners in the dairy goat farming sector to better understand the possible causes of high levels of bacteria in udders.

This understanding will then guide research into other areas such as the use of nutritional interventions as a way of improving udder health and possibly minimising the use of antibiotics.