Resilience – improving animal health

Impact story

Resilience – improving animal health

The prevention of diseases and the promotion of animal health play an important role in the development of sustainable animal production. Animal diseases and especially zoonoses have a tremendous impact on society. And a healthy herd is economically beneficial.

Preventing diseases

Wageningen Bioveterinary Research investigates how animal diseases can be prevented by giving (young) animals a good start and increasing the overall resistance of animals. Good general resistance ensures better animal welfare. In addition, robust animals are less susceptible to infectious diseases. This reduces the need for treatment and therefore the use of antibiotics.

Reducing the use of antibiotics

Although the attribution of the use of antibiotics in the animal domain to the human anti-microbial resistance problems is relatively small, decrease in the use of antibiotics in animals reduces resistance in bacteria and in this way reduces the overall perseverance of resistance in our society.

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