Book releases

Book ‘The economic value of landscapes’ now available

Landscape has been ill-served by 20th century economics. The book ‘The Economic Value of Landscapes’ – edited by Martijn van der Heide (LEI Wageningen UR) and Wim Heijman (Wageningen University) puts the topic of landscape on the economic agenda. It reviews and presents our current understanding of the linkages between economics and landscape, and disentangles the complex relations between the two. The book pulls together bits and pieces from a wide assortment of analyses directed at a theoretical and practical exploration of ‘landscape economics’. Besides methodological and conceptual considerations, illustrative case studies looking a particular landscape valuation issues in Israel, Japan, the Netherlands, and Spain are presented.

The book is meant for scholars of diverse interests, who wish to work on interdisciplinary problems or whose work crosses interdisciplinary lines. Moreover, having insights into the economic value of landscape can support practitioners inside and outside government to allocate scarce resources to achieve specific landscape goals. Ordering options for the book are available here.

New book – The Economics of Regulation in Agriculture

CABI has just released the book ‘The Economics of Regulation in Agriculture; Compliance with Public and Private Standards’. This timely book, edited by Floor Brouwer, Glenn Fox and Roel Jongeneel, discusses compliance with standards for environmental protection, food safety and animal welfare, on-farm costs and the competitiveness of farm businesses. The book analyses the economics of regulation both within the internal market of the EU and in the broader world market by examining a broad range of agricultural products. The volume concludes agriculture is much like other economic sectors in that environmental compliance costs, overall, are small relative to production costs in total. In total five chapter contributions are made by staff of LEI. More information can be found here.