Developing new business models

Wageningen Economic Research is increasingly asked to work with companies on the development and implementation of innovative and sustainable business models. This working method is relatively new, and ensures that Wageningen Economic Research's previously developed and validated tools and expertise are becoming available to companies, for example for the benefit of implementing new, more sustainable business models.

We describe our approach as the Business Innovation Approach (BIA), in which the Business Model Canvas is often used as a starting point, combined with a suitable mix of sector expertise, data, methods and/or models. The result is a sound foundation for a market-oriented and profitable business with good perspectives.


Entrepreneurship with vision

Methods and tools for managerial capacity building of agricultural producers in Central and Eastern Europe

European agriculture experienced huge changes in last decades. Adaptations to institutional, production and marketing changes, influenced by EU common agricultural policy, but also by societal wishes like food safety, animal welfare and the environment, require ability to apply entrepreneurial skills as a key factor for survival. Strategic thinking is, however, rarely present in the farming sector in Central and Eastern Europe. 

This project spreads an idea of strategic thinking in agriculture and introduces innovative tools to support farm advisors and farmers in entrepreneurship and strategic management process. 

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The project has been funded with support from the European Commission within the Erasmus+ Program, Key Action 2. Strategic Partnerships.