Creating dynamic innovation ecosystems

Digital technologies such as the Internet of Things or Blockchain are often introduced with high expectations. Unfortunately, in practice it is often difficult to apply them, leading to disappointing adoption rates and less impact than expected.

Many companies and organisations are asking themselves where to start their digitalisation process. But also when you have already taken the first steps, an analysis of the current and desired situation is very valuable. When you are aware of where you are and where you want to go, it is smart to design the innovation process towards your specific digital solution.

Bringing a promising prototype to the market requires not only technological know-how, but also insights from business modelling and governance. Implementation usually requires involvement of various other players with whom you form a part of regional and global innovation ecosystems.

What we can do for you

Whether you are a small or a large organisation or company, a beginner or an expert in digitalisation, we can help you to take the right steps forward. Using assessment methodologies and tools, we will analyse your starting situation and define your goals.

The next step is to design the process to develop the desired digital solutions. Sometimes this can be a small, explorative project. Often it is more effective to be part of a larger project and ecosystem with different use cases and partners, to facilitate peer learning and create surprising synergies.

We can lean on years of experience and professional project managers to set up successful large-scale projects and create vibrant ecosystems. Through our SmartAgriHubs network we can connect you to the right digital innovation hubs, competence centres, and other partners in various regions. This means you can benefit from the experiences and work already done on the digitalisation of agri & food all over Europe.