Real-time Impact Research

We have developed a method with which you can analyse the effectiveness of private sector development support programs at regular intervals during the implementation of projects. This is in contrast to evaluations or studies that only look at whether a program or project has worked and for whom after it ends.

Based on the results, organisations can make their support more effective during its implementation, and have more impact.

The method has been developed with high scientific rigour, and therefor also strongly contributes to the general evidence base on effective support to companies in developing countries. Finally, this method helps organisations to demonstrate a higher level of accountability to their funders during the course of the project.

In our work in the development sector, we often see that a lot of data is collected while much of that data is not used to learn from or to demonstrate what works for whom and under what circumstances. The method we have developed is, to a large extent, based on the data that the organisations themselves already collect. This makes the method more cost effective and enables organizations to have more control over the type of impact information that is collected.

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