Spotting market opportunities

Spotting market opportunities

We explore and explain what developments, opportunities and threats there are in the market so you can base your decisions on hard facts.

Our insights into potential customers, new and conventional technologies, emerging economies and competitors let you improve you competitive position.

We provide facts to support your strategic gut feeling.
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We can develop early warning systems and opportunity spotting: pointing out the trends and opportunities, as well as disruptions, such as trade wars, animal diseases, boycotts and the weather.

Market outlooks

Reliable information about current and future developments is essential for your strategic decisions. Our studies make combined use of our in-depth expertise in agrofood supply chains and markets and our databases and models. We are involved in the preparation of global market forecasts for milk, meat, grain and oil seeds. Our estimates contribute to the provision of insights into developments in major food markets.

Examples of market outlooks:

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Global Detector

If you are exploring opportunities of expanding your business to promising locations in other countries, the information that you are looking for is often hard to find and difficult to understand. We can help you to get the data and map it in a convenient way.

The Global Detector is a unique modelling tool, that visualises specific investment trade opportunities around the world. It is developed by Wageningen Economic Research and based on open data sources, our data science and a deep worldwide agrifood knowledge. The result is your own map, whether it be on a global (10x10km) or regional (2.5x2.5km) scale, that tells you where there is trade potential.

For a range of product groups, Wageningen Economic Research has a base model available. This base model might already shed light on your particular question. In many cases however, you will want to make the base model very specific for your own product and business situation. Among the questions we targeted, were the potential of cut flower, avocado and Tilapia production and the detection of metropolitan land use options.

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Marketing Impact Analysis

Increase the impact of your marketing and sales programmes by reshaping price tactics and trade promotions. Endless streams of data have become one of the biggest challenges and opportunities for marketeers today.

To help you get relevant insights without letting you drown in the flood of information, we use advanced state-of-the art data-analytic methods, based on international scientific research. Key marketing questions are converted into quantifiable decision variables that determine sales in the short and long run, both nationally and internationally.

Our analysis reveals the optimal combination of variables to support fact-based decision making. You will not only know what your customers are doing today, but also what they will be doing tomorrow.

Example of Marketing Impact Analysis: