PRIME-ITC project

The PRIME-ITC project

The PRIME-ITC Project evaluated two private sector development programs in Kenya and Bangladesh funded by the Netherlands Trust Fund Export Sector Competitiveness Programme (NTF-III). NTFIII is a collaboration between the International Trade Centre (ITC) and the Dutch Centre for Promotion of Exports from Developing Countries (CBI).

The Kenyan avocado sector

Avocado is an important sector for Kenyan smallholder farmers. However, despite increasing production and land cultivated by avocado, only 14% of Kenya's total production is exported. This private-sector development support programme aimed at contributing to tackling the problems faced by the avocado sector with activities at the level of Technical Service Providers (TSIs), avocado firms (SMEs) and Farmer Organisations (FOs). We followed a matched difference in difference design in a sample of 791 avocado farm-household that were supported (directly or indirectly). To support claims at the level of the farmer, the project also looked into changes at the level of farmer groups, SMEs and business support organisation.

The Bangladeshi IT sector

Bangladesh is a large developing country with a significant potential to grow in the next years. Various institutions have recognised the growth potential in the Bangladeshi IT-sector and have implemented programmes to spur its development. The project evaluated aimed to enhance the export competitiveness through capacity building of Trade Support Institutions (TSIs) and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and creating linkages in selected export targets. To assess ITC's contribution, data was gathered from more than 300 SMEs. This data was supplemented with in-depth interviews. The contribution from ITC at firm level is assessed by using a statistical comparison between NTFIII SMEs and non-NTFIII SMEs and data from in-depth interviews.