What does your consumer thinks about Bio-based products?

Consumers have difficulty understanding bio-based. The quotes, from recent research, indicate this clearly. In business and government, there is much talk about the desirability and opportunities for a bio-based economy and bio-based products. Your product and product development can perfectly match this social trend, but the consumer may not have seen this yet.

LEI Wageningen UR can assist you in improving your product development and marketing, so you can profile your bio-based products better to the consumer. We do this by answering questions such as:
• How do consumers think about my product?
• How do consumers talk about my product?
• When do consumers buy my product?
• Why do consumers buy my product?

How can we help you

We give insight into:
• the perception of the consumer of the bio-based product (compared to the conventional product)
• the key areas of consideration when buying bio-based products (compared to the conventional product)
• possible (different) target groups with various require-ments and (therefore) a different approach
• demands of consumers regarding the information, labels and other forms of communication

With these insights you can, possibly in cooperation with LEI:

• capitalise on motivations and barriers experienced by con-sumers regarding the bio-based product
• develop the product-business model
• choose a particular target group approach
• develop products that meet the market
• develop your communication path.

We combine our insights into consumers, chains, bio-based econ-omy and social acceptance with a newly developed toolbox, which is internationally applicable. In this way, we offer you practical information backed up by scientific evidence.
We explore the market, explain the insights, offer enhancements and uncover the earning potential.

The word is cheating, be-cause somehow it is some-thing based on something else. It might as well be full of all kinds of stuff we don’t know what it is. 'Bio' is a good and positive word, but the word 'based' is not en-tirely positive.