There are two kinds of orders: 1) Regular orders: the experiments will be performed by the experienced personnel of the Soil Physics Lab 2) Orders that make it possible to perform the experiments yourself.

Regular Orders

Orders can be made by

  1. completing the order form below
  2. mailing this form to one of the lab controllers
  3. The lab controller will contact you about planning and reservations

Order From Soil Hydro-Physics Lab - Commissioned to Lab Personnel 2018

Perform experiments in the lab yourself

For further explanation see the web page Public Use of Facilities.

Orders can be made by

  1. contacting one of the lab controllers. After consultation we determine the required experiments and the period in which they have to be performed. Once this period is determined it will be compulsory since other reservations must not be affected.
  2. completing the Order form below
  3. completing the Gebruiksovereenkomst below (only if you are not a Wageningen UR employee)
  4. send the relevant forms to the lab controller
  5. The lab controller will contact you about the final reservation.

We assume you have the right skills to operate the equipment. If not, then we will make a mutual agreement in which we provide you with the needed support to complement your knowledge.

Order From Soil Hydro-Physics Lab - Self External 2018

N.B.: Employees of the Alterra-team Soil Physics and Land Use can request a price list with reduced costs for performing experiments themselves.

Lab Controllers