Downloads WOFOST

  • WOFOST Control Centre: Includes WOFOST 7.1.7 and WOFOST Control Centre 2.1 (graphical user interface) – Microsoft Windows installer. Developed for Windows 7, should also work on Windows 8 (not tested).
  • WOFOST 7.1 sources: source code (v7.1.7), no user interface - Platform independent. The WOFOST source code and compilation instructions are now available on
  • WOFOST 7.1 sources with FSEOPT: source code (v7.1.0, release july 1998)), no user interface - Platform independent. This code includes the optimization tool FSEOPT. This code is provided on demand of users, however we do not provide support for the legacy FSEOPT code.
  • CGMS9.2: Binaries and source cannot be provided by Alterra, but the Windows executable can be requested from the JRC MARS unit.
  • PyWOFOST: PyWOFOST has been obsoleted by PCSE/WOFOST, see below.
  • PCSE/WOFOST:  large parts of the WOFOST model were rewritten in pure python and embedded within the Python Crop Simulation Environment  (PCSE). Source code and documentation area available on and