Green climate solutions

Green Climate Solutions

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of the present time. The impact of climate change and the subsequent risk of floods, droughts and heat waves on society will only increase in the coming decades. Urgent action to combat climate change and its impact is required by reducing greenhouse gas emissions (mitigation) as well as reducing the impact of climate change (adaptation).

We develop and supply services for a 'climate-innovative' society, in which user perspectives are central.

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Wageningen Environmental Research holds a transdisciplinary ‘Science for Impact’ systems approach, stimulating collaboration between experts in livestock, plants, soils, water, atmosphere, economics, sociology, geo-informatics, forestry and ecology in both the terrestrial as well as the marine environment. Together with relevant clients and stakeholders, we strive for innovative climate solutions. We offer innovations, extensive knowledge and sustainable solutions for climate-resilient societies.

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