Why “Planning for nature”?

The Dutch put nature conservation high in their list of priorities. All living creatures on the planet – including humans – are dependent on nature. Their existence and wellbeing depend on a sufficient area of well functioning ecosystems that reinforce each other as a network. Nature in spatial cohesion is thus important for people.

The National Ecological Network currently being developed in the Netherlands aims to achieve this spatial cohesion. But spatial cohesion of nature is also needed in manmade and urban landscapes – meaning that when we are modifying space to meet our needs, nature conservation must be a full function. This also means that the spatial design of the future landscape must be attuned to our chosen ambitions for the nature conservation function. This website describes how knowledge of landscape ecology can be used for this task. Applying the knowledge contained in this website, you will be able to make sustainable plans and designs for nature conservation when developing an area.

This website is underpinned by scientific research. We have investigated how ecological knowledge should be presented in order to be useful for area development. We have investigated how generally formulated ecological laws can be extrapolated to the particular circumstances of a given area. Though this work is still ongoing, we have already achieved much and would like to share that with you.