Biodiversity at the Brewery

Attention for biodiversity is an important part of sustainability. Although the Heineken brewery already has a lot a green space (around 35 ha), the uniform character means that it has little natural value. But things are set to change thanks to the Biodiversity at the Brewery plan.

Changing living environments are bringing many butterflies, bees, birds and species of plants into decline. This does not only have implications for the flora and fauna, but also for human beings. Approximately 70% of our food is pollinated by bees. So a lack of bees, for example, will pose a serious problem to mankind.

Eldorado for bees and butterflies

The Heineken brewery already has a lot of green space (around 35 ha), but the uniform character means that it has little natural value. The Biodiversity in the Brewery plan will soon change this. Neat lawns and boring fields will be transformed into flowery meadows with blackberry and hawthorn thickets, an Eldorado for bees and butterflies. The groves will be managed in a way that attracts more breeding songbirds. The watercourses will be given nature-friendly banks, making them a haven for frogs, fish and dragonflies. The diversity of wild bees, moths, birds, dragonflies and fish is expected to increase considerably over the next few years. Pollinators, such as bees and butterflies, will become so plentiful that the brewery will serve as a source of nature for surrounding areas. In other words, there will be 50 to a 100 times as many bees and butterflies than is now the case. Staff will be able to spend their lunch break enjoying the nature trail that traverses the site, and make an active contribution to nature conservation by pruning trees and bushes or counting birds and butterflies. If enough people are interested, a Heineken community garden will also be developed.