Ecological potential of large waters

The Programmatic Approach Large Waters (PAGW) focuses on (1) realizing the remaining ecological task that is not covered by Natura 2000 management plans and/or WFD measures and (2) the ambition to achieve more natural dynamics in the national waters.

Within the framework of LIFE IP Delta nature Action A5, a Nature Profit Plan for the PAGW is being prepared. The Nature Profit Plan describes the ecological potential for each large body of water (vision year 2050) in terms of habitat types and species, and consists of a scientific description and an appealing illustration. The starting point is the solution-paths and projects of the PAGW, as well as the measures for nature and ecological water quality that have been, or will be, carried out in another framework. The Nature Profit Plan also takes into account autonomous developments such as: climate change and natural trends in the occurrence of habitat types and species. This project contributes to this part of the Nature Profit Plan.