Establishing modern CA stores and packhouses for fruit in Himachal Pradesh, India

Modern storage and processing facilities help farmers and other people in Himachal Pradesh to add value to their produced fruit: improved quality, extension of trading season, less losses resulting in higher income.

Apple production as economic backbone of Himachal Pradesh

Presently, the economic value of the apple cultivation is Rs 3,500 crore (approx. half a billion euros) and it has become a backbone for the Himachal Pradesh economy: it is providing gainful employment to millions of people of the region and the living standards of people has improved enormously. The role of the government has been providing high yielding varieties of apple and better marketing infrastructure to the growers.

Design of modern post-harvest facilities

In order to add value to fruit production and support agro-enterprise development in Himachal Pradesh, this project is dedicated to the implementation of technical aspects of the supply chain infrastructure for apples, pears, plums, peaches and cherries. Experts in cold chain logistics and post-harvest technologies will design state-of-the- art facilities based on techno-economic assessments.

Realisation and operation

The designs and business cases will be used for upgradation of minimum two existing packing/storage facilities and construction of two Green Field packing houses. Experts will develop protocols and train staff to operate these facilities. Recommendations for improvement of operational management and return on investment will be provided to stakeholders.

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