Nellore Agropark

Nellore Agropark was designed to bring potential Indian investors in industrial agriculture together with Dutch and other foreign modern farmers to cooperate on the Agropark for environmental and economic benefits. By applying cradle to cradle principles, environmental impact is reduced and waste is turned to inputs.

In Agroparks entrepreneurs work side by side leading to innovations. The agro logistic network links the Agropark to the markets (large cities and harbours) to reduce losses and ensure maximum consumers influence on products. The agro logistic network links the Agropark also to rural production areas to ensure sufficient supply of bulk food and feed. The Agropark further functions as post-harvest processing centre for fruits and vegetables that cannot be grown in an industrial environment.

Realizing the need to bring in high value agribusiness activity into the country, IFFCO, Asia's largest fertilizer company embarked on the development of an Agri-based Special Economic Zone based on the concept of Agroparks in Nellore. These developers were brought in the expertise and lessons learned by the North-western European agro sector in innovating metropolitan agriculture by forging strategic partnerships with Wageningen University and Research Center, the Netherlands and YES BANK Limited.

Nellore connections with metropolitan areas
Nellore connections with metropolitan areas

Services provided by Alterra

  • Preparation of a master plan for an Agropark in the IFFCO-Kisan Special Economic Zone at the Nellore district, with a population of 0.6 million. The AP will cover an area of 1100 hectares;
  • Design of the Agropark physical facilities based on the interest of entrepreneurs;
  • Matchmaking for Indian and foreign entrepreneurs;
  • Analysis of training needs for farm workers and extension; design of education system;
  • Analysis of rural production potential and design of Rural transformation centres and facilities.

Metropolitan Food Cluster with three vital appearances

  • Consolidation Centre: serves a metropolitan market in a consumer responsive way throughout the year.
  • Agro Production and Processing Park: combining tailor-made production, processing, collection, R&D, trade and social functions.
  • Rural Transformation Centre: combining collection and storage of farmers produce with rural development services.

The Agropark is still under construction.