Capacity Development

Delivering open-access and tailor-made training activities - Supporting organisations to improve processes of leadership, planning, monitoring and learning

Training and organisational development are key ingredients of capacity development, the process by which individuals, organisations and institutions enhance and organise their systems, resources and knowledge. The degree of capacity development is reflected in their abilities, individually and collectively, to perform functions, solve problems and achieve objectives.

So we distinguish various forms of capacity, for example:

  • ability to self-organise and act;
  • ability to produce results;
  • ability to learn and adjust;
  • ability to maintain relations and create operating space;
  • ability to come together and direct.

The Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation offers a range of capacity development services at different levels: for individuals, teams, organisations and institutions. These include open-access and tailor-made training activities, as well as targeted support to organisations to improve processes of leadership, planning and learning. Where possible, we offer our services as part of integrated and mutually reinforcing innovation and change trajectories.