About Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation

We are the international expertise and capacity building business unit of Wageningen University & Research. We collaborate with governments, private sector, NGOs and CSOs and with other knowledge institutes. Having a solid knowledge base, we co-create knowledge and build capacities of individuals and institutions. Our aim is to strengthen capacities for sustainable development by knowledge co-creation, to have a lasting impact on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our work focuses on the domain of food and the living environment.

Every day we empower individuals, businesses, sectors and countries and strengthen them in their capacity for sustainable and inclusive development.

The strength of our network, the broad knowledge available within Wageningen University & Research, our on-the-ground expertise and the way we combine content expertise with process guidance makes it possible to bring knowledge into action and improve the quality of life.

We are looking forward to working on new projects together with you.

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Part of Wageningen University & Research

Headquartered at the heart of the Dutch agricultural sector in the Netherlands, the Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation offers a unique interaction between capacity development, research and project implementation. As part of the renowned Wageningen University & Research, over 60 advisors with a combined 500-plus years of on-the-ground experience in international development are passionately working on today’s challenges.

Our ambition is to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goal of feeding nine billion people by 2050 in the domain of inclusive and sustainable food systems. Leveraging on an extensive worldwide network of partners and clients we support projects in low and middle income countries that build up the capacities of people, organisations and institutions.

In doing so we strengthen local food systems and bring knowledge into action.