Dialogue & Debate

Fostering critical debate and dialogue on key development issues

The Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation facilitates interactive exploration of emerging and cutting-edge issues. We bring together leading practitioners and thinkers to stimulate exchange and networking with critical audiences around innovative themes, thus creating settings in which diverse opinions evolve. CDI sets up platforms for dialogue and debate, where state-of-the-art thinking is introduced and current methods and practice are shared, helping to deepen understanding on hot topics.

We use a variety of exchange processes, such as seminars, innovation dialogues, conferences, website portals and e-groups, and different methods such as open space, world café and critical dissent.

Dialogues and debates can be used as stand alone events (see the examples below) for different audiences. However, they also play an important role in long-term change processes where the parties involved have different interests (see Process Design & Facilitation).