Agriculture nutrition linkages

Despite the world-wide increase of food availability, there are still around one billion people undernourished. This is far above of the target of MDG 1. There is now substantial evidence that malnutrition has life-long negative impacts on productivity and income-generating potential of the population. Agricultural programmes need to become more nutrition sensitive.

Organised by Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation

Mon 24 November 2014 until Fri 5 December 2014

Ensuring nutritional impact of agricultural projects

Making agricultural programs nutrition sensitive

Why doesn’t a reduction in poverty automatically result in improved nutritional status? Can agricultural development help reduce undernutrition? If so, how should projects be designed to make them more nutrition sensitive? These are the key issues we will be dealing with in this course.
The training approach will be both interactive and practical. Participants will learn from experts but also from each other’s experiences from all over the world.

Course objectives

The overall aim of the course is to contribute to improving nutrition by making agricultural development programmes more nutrition sensitive. Upon completion of the course you will:

  • understand the concepts of food systems, food security, nutrition and poverty and their interconnectedness;
  • be able to apply conceptual frameworks to ensure nutrition sensitive agricultural development programmes and policies;
  • formulate or adjust the design and implementation of agricultural development programmes and policies to enhance the impact on nutrition.

Target audience

You are working for a governmental or non-governmental organisation at national or sub-national level in one of the following positions:

  • you are a policy or planning officer with responsibility for promoting community and household livelihood including food and nutrition security;
  • you have a managing or co-ordinating position in planning, management, implementation and/or monitoring and evaluation of a community food and nutrition security programme or an agricultural development programme with a nutrition component;
  • you work in action-oriented research, advisory or teaching position directly relevant to food and nutrition security.