Policy Support

Providing technical input, supporting, advising on interactive policy processes

Policy development is a complex process in a world where sectors and actors sometimes overlap, sometimes compete and usually influence each other. One-solution policies are few and far between. Those that do exist usually have a limited lifespan, and their objectives and strategies are often contested. A good policy in a complex and largely unpredictable world consists of a set of hypotheses that need to be tested to see whether they provide answers to the problems in question. Good policies therefore evolve gradually in learning-oriented processes in which all stakeholders, including scientists and government representatives, play a role. Inclusiveness not only encourages more innovation, but is also likely to prepare the stakeholders for change.

The Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation supports policy development in this way in a variety of sectors, by providing technical input from Wageningen University & Research and by assisting stakeholders to design and facilitate interactive policy development processes.