Process Design & Facilitation

Designing, facilitating and supporting multi-stakeholder innovation processes

Many development processes involve people meeting, sharing, planning, reflecting, discussing and deciding together. Through these events people get inspired, critical choices are made, momentum is gained, and innovations emerge. Complex issues often entail long-term processes of deliberation and analysis, involving different stakeholders – from government, civil society organisations and the private sector. Multi-stakeholder events and other activities are carefully designed to make progress towards achieving development goals, overcoming differences of interest.

Interactive processes

The Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation designs highly interactive processes with clients for multiple purposes, to:

  • create better understanding about development issues or between stakeholders;
  • develop innovative solutions to problems, supported by the largest possible number of stakeholders;
  • share, reflect and learn together about practices that improve planning and action.


Facilitating interactive processes and events requires professional skills and experience. It is the art of guiding groups to manage the diversity that emerges as a result of differences in power and interests as people work towards mutual understanding and common goals.

Capacity development

Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation provides both process design and facilitation services. It also develops capacity in individuals, groups and organisations so that they can design and facilitate interactive multi-stakeholder processes themselves. Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation uses appropriate and creative methodologies and tools, such as open space, world café and rich pictures.