Indonesian-Dutch programme on food security Indonesia - poultry & dairy sector

Wageningen Bioveterinary Research has received a grant to execute a programme to support food security in Indonesia for availability of livestock products. For the implementation of this programme a Wageningen University & Research team with experts of Wageningen Bioveterinary Research, Wageningen Livestock Research, Wageningen Economic Research and CDI is responsible.

The consumption of animal proteins in Indonesia has been rapidly increasing and expectations are that the demand for will continue the rise significantly over the coming years. Chicken meat and dairy products are among the most popular sources of animal protein among the largest part of the Indonesian population. To meet the increasing demand for affordable and safe chicken meat and dairy products, it is essential that existing production and supply chain arrangements are upgraded.

For the broiler meat sector attention will have to be paid in particular to food safety, slaughter processes, cool chain logistics and primary production improvements.

For the dairy sector the focus will be on animal feed improvements as a means to sustainable dairy farming improvements. Cooperation with Indonesian and Dutch business partners in both sub-sectors is essential to sustainably introduce the necessary production and supply improvements.

Expected programme outputs

1. Consumer awareness & marketing systems

  • Confidence and acceptance of the consumers in Greater Jakarta of cooled poultry meat as an alternative for fresh poultry meat has increased from 10% to at least 30%.
  • Percentage of marketed poultry meat in Greater Jakarta area that is NKV certified has doubled.
  • Cooled poultry meat is marketed at least at fifteen different wet markets in Jakarta.

2. Poultry processing

  • The percentage of chicken slaughtered for the Jakarta market under unhygienic circumstances (= not compliant to the minimal NKV standards for safe poultry meat) has reduced with 30% or more.

3. Broiler farming practices

  • At least 50% of the broiler farmers trained and supported by the programme will apply the recommended Good Farming Practices (covering the following elements: housing and water, biosecurity and animal health management).
  • Average feed conversion rate per smallholder broiler farm in the pilot programme (current FCR=1.6) will have improved with at least 20%.
  • Relative market share of meat produced by smallholder broiler farmers (currently 70%) will remain constant.

4. Dairy feed

  • At least 50% of the dairy farmers trained and supported by the programme will apply the recommended feeding and other improved practices (covering the following elements: improved fodder, better feed rations, good animal husbandry practices).
  • Average production per dairy in the pilot programme will increase from 8-10 to 10 -13 kg per day.


On the DIFSLIVE website you can read all about the progress made.

Lead agency & other implementation partners


  • Lead Agency: Animal Sciences Group at Wageningen University & Research

    o    Wageningen Bioveterinary Research (contracting partner)
    o    Wageningen Livestock Research

  • Wageningen Economic Research, Wageningen University & Research
  • Centre for Development Innovation, Wageningen University & Research
  • IPB Bogor and other Indonesian knowledge institutes
  • PTC+ and Indonesian vocational training institutes
  • Dutch & Indonesian companies in the dairy feed and poultry sectors