OKP Uganda Train4GreenJobs

An inclusive and sustainable agriculture sector is of great importance to Uganda, to fight hunger and malnutrition. Education is one of the key ways to build a solid basis for a sound agricultural sector. That is why Wageningen University & Research and partners launch the Train4greenjobs OKP-project that stimulates collaboration between Technical & Vocational Education and Training (TVET), and Ugandan private enterprises.

Uganda has currently a lack of practical agricultural training that allows students to experience actual commercial farming and to gain insight into how to run a farm business. There is a lack of properly skilled farmers to grow and professionalise the sector in a sustainable manner and youth participation is low. There is a mismatch between the agricultural skills needed/demanded (mainly by youth), the agricultural skills needed/demanded (by farmers), and the supply of training in those skills by existing service providers.


The Train4greenjobs project stimulates collaboration between TVET education and Ugandan private enterprises in two mountainous areas with high horticultural potential: the West Nile and Western Regions. It will:

  • Support educational institutes in organising their education according to labour market needs in the horticulture sector.
  • Develop a pilot and set an example for horticulture training development from which others in Uganda can learn.
  • Develop practical guidance for strengthening horticulture training in the country.

Train4greenjobs focuses on the vegetable and (seed) potato value chains in wetlands and highland areas. The goal is to develop a truly practical, labour-market oriented Diploma in horticulture at Innovative Institute for Agriculture, Business and Capacity Building (IABC) and Mountains of the Moon University (MMU). It aims to extract and share lessons learnt in this process together with Muni University for developing their horticulture BSc and with ADRAA Agricultural College (AAC) for further developing their horticulture Certificate.

The teachers of all institutes will participate in learning how to apply curriculum improvement at different levels and to establish an integral learning line connection with the pilot diploma level. The Dutch partners will support the  curriculum adjustment processes and exchange between the partners.


The project is based on a partnership between MMU, Muni University, AAC and IABC (all in Uganda), and Wageningen University & Research, Zone College, Ecopolis Europa and Holland Greentech Uganda (all Dutch). The project is sponsored by Nuffic.

Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation, part of Wageningen Research, is lead partner and has a longstanding experience in leading and coordinating institutional support to educational institutes in Africa and elsewhere. In Uganda it is managing the embassy supported Integrated Seed Sector Development project and the NIGI project, of which contacts will be used for this project.