arab policymakers in greenhouse


Training in greenhouse horticulture for policy makers

In response to the looming water shortage in Saudi Arabia, CDI trained Saudi staff responsible for policy in current techniques and methods in water-saving greenhouse horticulture and about multi-stakeholder cooperation.

Greenhouse horticulture in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is expanding rapidly. Policies are needed to enhance the sustainable development of the horticultural sector especially in relation to efficient use of water and energy.

Water shortage requires more sustainable production systems

KSA is faced with a serious water shortage in the coming years and has decided to place more emphasis on sustainable production of horticultural crops. The Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) and the Agricultural Development Fund (ADF) plan to guide the horticultural sector towards more sustainable production methods. One of the strategies is to stimulate production of vegetables in greenhouses rather than in the field since the latter requires much more water per unit of product. A policy group has been formed in KSA with the task to guide the horticultural sector and stimulate sustainable production methods.

Greenhouses part of sustainability strategies in public private partnerships

Centre for Development Innovation (CDI), Wageningen UR has been asked to develop a training programme for the KSA policy group consisting of staff of MoA and ADF. The programme was implemented during a three weeks course in the Netherlands and several workshops in kSA. In the Netherlands, the KSA group experienced the latest developments in the greenhouse sector as well as the way the various stakeholders work together. In the workshops in KSA the experience gained in the Netherlands was applied to the situation in KSA. Implementation of sustainability strategies in KSA will be done by means of public-private partnerships.