Unique North-South-South collaboration to tackle food insecurity in Horn of Africa

Published on
November 23, 2021

Today the Dutch government (NUFFIC-OKP), Wageningen University & Research and partners launch a unique joint regional master program at Juba University in South Sudan.

The master program will focus on disaster risk management and food systems resilience in areas of protracted crisis, such as the Horn of Africa. Here, food insecurity is a continuing issue due to natural and man-made hazards – such as climate change and persisting conflict. These hazards greatly impact already vulnerable people, leading to malnutrition and high mortality rates.

Partners of the North-South-South collaboration
Partners of the North-South-South collaboration

The program is funded by the Dutch government (NUFFIC-OKP) and is a collaboration between education and research institutes in Ethiopia, South Sudan, Somaliland and the Netherlands. Involved partners in the Netherlands are Wageningen University & Research and van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences. The program aligns with a range of NUFFIC funded initiatives that jointly form an integrated learning pathway for students and professionals who work in areas of protracted crisis.