Competent graduates to increase competitiveness in the Dairy Value Chain

In this project capacity is build to deliver competent graduates for enhanced competitiveness in the dairy value chain (Agriculture).


This project aims to improve the quality of graduates to increase competitiveness in the Dairy Value Chain (DVC). It will address the core functions of EGU and its consortium partner, the Dairy Training Institute, and strengthen their organisational, technical and training capacity.

Among other things, the project will review and develop education programmes at certificate, diploma, BSc and MSc levels with a focus on:

  • making them gender sensitive and practical;
  • improving entrepreneurial and life skills, in line with labour market needs.

Finally, best practices research and strengthening collaborations with other dairy training institutes and stakeholders should result in improved technologies and quality education.

Transforming the Dairy Value Chain

For the agricultural sector to grow and address food security concerns, the Dairy Value Chain has to be transformed from predominantly informal to commercial, profitable and competitive. This challenge requires competent graduates who meet labour market demands.