Reducing food waste

Wasting less food implies more efficient use of resources, reduced costs and sustainability benefits. Increasingly, companies, governments and institutions are working to reduce food waste in the supply chain. Wageningen University & Research’s integrated approach supports such organisations to develop strategies that really work.

Food waste throughout the supply chain

“Where in the supply chain does most food waste occur?", “How can I process this waste stream into high-quality products?” and “How might I influence consumers to reduce food waste?”  Companies, governments and institutions that want to reduce food waste are challenged by complex questions. Wageningen University & research gives them insight into the extent and nature of the issues and proposes concrete improvements. For example, in important areas such as chain design and organisation, processing and marketing of waste streams and changing consumer behaviour. We also create (international) consortia, allowing partners throughout the supply chain to combine strengths.

Integral chain approach

By making smart connections between different disciplines, we establish improvements throughout the chain. The breadth of our expertise includes sustainable use of raw materials, valorisation of waste streams, post-harvest and fresh-logistics technologies, all aspects of consumer perception and social innovation. In the pipeline are new technologies and expertise, including the development of high-quality products from raw materials that are currently being processed as waste. Examples include conversion into animal feed and bio-refinery; the extraction of valuable components for industrial and pharmaceutical use.

Food waste reduction

As an authority on sustainable food chains, Food & Biobased Research is taking a leading role in putting food waste on the political and public agendas. We are convinced that abundant global opportunities exist to tackle this issue. A long-term reduction of 50% is feasible, but only if governments, manufacturers, retailers, caterers and institutions join forces at every level – from local to international, while bringing consumers into the process.