Develop clean-label food products in a sustainable way with WUR’s fermentation approach

Consumers increasingly prefer food products made of naturally produced ingredients. This is leading companies to take another look at age-old fermentation processes for their clean-label promise and capacity for sustainable production. But what options does fermentation offer for the modulation of qualities such as taste, texture and nutrient content in food materials? And what are the advantages in terms of sustainability? Wageningen experts have been investigating this for decades. We would like to share our knowledge through this white paper.

  • clean-label food products

Download the whitepaper

This white paper will give you greater insight into possible fermentation approaches. Hopefully, it will also inspire you to consider the technology as a solution for your food-related business in the future.

Download the white paper for more information on:

  • Opportunities and challenges
  • WUR’s stepwise fermentation approach
  • Examples of successful fermentation processes
  • The options for collaboration with WUR

If you’d like to learn more about the possibilities, please contact Joost Blankestijn. We’re inviting companies already considering the use of fermentation for new products or processes to reach out to us.