Integrated chain designs

Converting biomass to biobased applications requires knowledge of all the links in the envisaged chain. Wageningen Food & Biobased Research has extensive experience in the design of integral biomass chains.

Combining expertise

In the design of integrated biomass chains, we take into account the characteristics of the biomass, the demands of the process and the final product. This approach combines our many years of accumulated knowledge on the availability of biomass, the characteristics of biomass, logistics, pretreatment, sustainability, conversion technology and economics.

Chain design

The most important aspect in the design of supply chains is precise knowledge of the objective and constraints. Constraints are often relevant in terms of technology, economics and durability. We then look at how we can design a chain which can meet the demand. The challenge is often to align the economies of scale of the various logistics steps and technologies with each other. To achieve a good chain design, we go through several iterations of the process. Interaction with stakeholders along the whole chain is necessary to get the right information and include the relevant considerations in the integrated chain design.