Consumer research on the elderly and children

Wageningen Food & Biobased Research conducts consumer research in specific populations such as the elderly and children. In this way we help manufacturers to increase their chances of market success and help education authorities to develop effective policies that motivate people to eat healthily.

How do you promote a food targeted at the over fifties or at young children? How do you encourage kids to appreciate the taste of vegetables? What can you do to make older people eat less salt? Over 50s and children are attractive target groups for manufacturers and education authorities as they offer plenty of market opportunities and the chance to achieve significant health gains, for instance by teaching children to eat healthily and by reducing malnutrition in the elderly. The challenge for manufacturers and education authorities is to develop products, promotional and educational materials that are in line with the specific needs of these target groups. For example, the elderly and children have a different taste experience and need a different nutrient make-up than the average adult.

Consumer research

Wageningen Food & Biobased Research provides sensory testing and consumer research on both the elderly and children - from 50 to 90 year-olds and from toddlers to teenagers. Our studies provide insight into the appreciation of taste, smell and texture, and into the purchase and use of products. Our data allows manufacturers and education authorities to optimize their products, promotional and educational materials for their target groups.

We have over 30 years of experience with different types of sensory testing and consumer research, both in test labs and on location. We deliver customized solutions and decide together with our clients which method best fits their questions.

Wageningen Food & Biobased Research is the only organization in Europe with its own elderly panel: Sento, with more than 800 elderly participants. Our children’s studies draw on a large network of schools, nurseries and sports clubs.

We work closely with leading researchers at Wageningen University & Research and TI Food and Nutrition, to stay on top of the latest research techniques and discoveries.

SenTo; sensory panel

Wageningen Food & Biobased Research is a partner in Cater with Care, a project aimed at the prevention and treatment of malnutrition in nursing home elderly. Together with health care organizations and businesses we work to develop effective food products and services. We are responsible for the (sensory) consumer research in the project: under our supervision the sensory panel SenTo and patients and clients in actual care locations assess the taste, smell, texture, packaging and promotional activity of new products.

Our Healthy foods for children-Kids University project has explored how to increase the amount of vegetables in dishes like pizza and salads. We have used studies with children in order to determine what vegetables are the most suitable.

Many studies have focused on increasing the consumption of vegetables that kids have yet to encounter. We have studied how to increase consumption of vegetables that are already known by them.