A child eating fruit and showing a cup of orange juice

Healthy and delicious foods

A healthy and varied diet is an important condition for a healthy life, in addition to physical exercise. In Western society, however, many people are incapable of following a healthy eating patterns. As a result, a growing percentage of adults and children suffer from obesity, diabetes type II or cardiovascular disorders. This has a major impact on society as a whole and fuels concerns as to how can we ensure that health care remains affordable in the future.

Product development and mild preservation

The ‘Healthy and delicious foods’ programme supports the food industry in developing healthy and appetising food products; for example by reducing the amount of salt in daily products (reformulation) and supporting companies in substantiating health claims. Another strategy is maintaining the natural quality of food products through mild preservation techniques.

Elderly and children

We carry out research into the dietary demands of specific target groups such as children and elderly people (customised nutrition). For our studies among the elderly we have access to a group of approximately 850 people within the SenTo network. A large part of our consumer research takes place in the Restaurant of the Future; the research facility for physiological, sensory and real-life research.