Food choice and eating behavior

Wageningen Food & Biobased Research measures why and how consumers appreciate foods and their behavior during and following purchasing. Our consumer research provides reliable information that allows manufacturers to tune their products optimally to their target groups. Governments and societal organizations can, using our consumer insights, develop effective policies that motivate people to eat healthily.

Sensory testing

How do consumers respond to reductions in the amount of salt, sugar or fat in a food product? What impulses guide them when shopping? How do consumers work with issues like food waste? How do you promote a product to the elderly or young children? Knowing the answers to these questions determines the success or failure of marketing campaigns. In many cases, standard sensory testing and consumer research does not provide the information required. For example, many studies are limited to one-time measurements of the appreciation of taste, while the first impression says little about the development of purchasing behavior over time.

Real life consumer research

Food & Biobased Research provides manufacturers, governments and societal organizations with reliable insights for short and long term application. Our projects combine various types of sensory testing and real life consumer research - conducted in a test lab or on location - using advanced software for recording and observation. Together with our clients we determine the most effective approach.

Extended network

We are the only organization in Europe that has, for its consumer research, its own panel of elderly citizens (SenTo); we also draw on an extensive network of schools, nurseries and sports clubs. Food & Biobased Research works closely with leading researchers in the Netherlands and worldwide. We are also a member of the Dutch Market Research Association (MOA) and the European Sensory Network (ESN).