Biosensing and diagnostics

Sensing and diagnostics

Wageningen Food & Biobased Research uses innovative methods to detect microorganisms and biomolecules such as bacteria, specific parts of DNA, harmful substances, antibodies and allergenic proteins. We have a variety of sensing and diagnostic methods that make detection easy and simple and thus contribute to safety, functionality, quality and durability.

Wageningen Food & Biobased Research applies various diagnostic methods and techniques for rapid and user-friendly sensing. We use lateral flow (comparable to a pregnancy test) and microarray methods, which frequently include the use of carbon nanoparticles. Our test methods can easily be implemented by, among others, diagnostic labs and in both food and non-food industries. The developed tests can lead to marketable products, or may be used for determining the safety and quality of raw materials and intermediate and end products. The tests are versatile, with applications in water, soil, feed and food, and in the veterinary and human sectors.

Food and human diagnostics

We have developed rapid lateral flow and/or microarray assays to measure the aero-allergen alpha-amylase in bakeries (EU-MOCALEX project), bitter substances in chicory, and antibiotics in milk (EU-FAIR) and specific DNA sequences of potato pathogens (SNN project). Human applications were also developed such as rapid methods to detect the resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA; EFRO project).

Multi-analyte test platforms

We are currently developing new test platforms that will make it possible to detect multiple components (multi-analytes) at the same time. Examples include a lateral flow test that allows 25 different analytes to be detected within ten minutes, and a microarray test in the wells of ELISA microtiter plates in which up to 81 different test spots can be printed. The latest technology is almost completely automatable, and is ideal for large-scale applications.

Rapid diagnostic tests

Wageningen Food & Biobased Research has been developing rapid diagnostic tests for and with companies for over twenty years. The requirements and wishes of customers and the final market application are central to every project from the outset. Our broad, multi-sectorial experience ensures that developments in one sector are quickly translated to applications in others.

Example projects