Automated quality inspection

Companies in the agro-food sector aim to deliver consistent quality. Determining the quality of vegetable and fruit products objectively is not easy. Wageningen Food & Biobased develops technological solutions for automated visual quality inspections of agro-food products by using computer vision and robotics.

Computer vision and robotics

Wageningen Food & Biobased Research has been developing computer vision and robotics solutions for agro food companies for decades. As a specialist in agro-food we are a global leader in this field. It is not easy to control and sort food products for quality. No two products are the same, and many quality criteria cannot be observed by the human eye during the production process. Our computer vision and robotics solutions make it possible to analyse the quality of food products quickly and objectively in the production process and sort them accordingly. We have developed advanced technologies for 2D and 3D visual inspection and objective colour measurements for many agro-food companies. Furthermore, we develop solutions to reveal product deviations that cannot be observed by the human eye by using hyperspectral inspection in the near infrared region (NIR).

Robotising the handling process

Robotising the handling of food products allows many companies to strengthen their competitive position. Products such as tomatoes, bell peppers and apples naturally come in a wide variety, which makes automating the handling process quite complex. Wageningen Food & Biobased Research develops advanced methods for automatic image processing and robotisation which allow companies to benefit from savings on labour-intensive, expensive and not always reliable manual work. 


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