Water Treatment & Technology

Water Treatment and Technology

Sustainable water treatment, preventing water scarcity and using alternative water sources, without compromising water quality. These are the main challenges for sectors such as the food industry, agriculture and horticulture. Other sectors also face challenges concerning optimum water processing as vital part of industrial processes. Wageningen Food & Biobased Research helps companies to close water cycles thanks to smart, integrated solutions for water treatment and desalination. These solutions contribute to the transition towards a circular and biobased economy and reduce CO2 emissions and climate change.

Close nutrient and water cycles

Companies want to deal with water in a circular and efficient manner, without the use of harmful and polluting additives. The food industry wants to produce more sustainably and at the same time save costs by using less water. Furthermore, companies want to be well prepared for freshwater scarcity due to climate change. This applies strongly to agricultural, horticultural and industrial companies, which are highly dependent on the availability of fresh water and are already suffering from scarcity. Entrepreneurs in these sectors want to use alternative water sources and close water cycles. For the use of water in industrial processes, chemical, poorly degradable substances are added to cooling water and process water. The challenge is switching to environmentally benign alternatives. Wageningen Food & Biobased Research helps companies in all these sectors with sustainable technologies for water treatment, enabling them to close nutrient cycles and water cycles.

Practical solutions

We translate the conceptual knowledge of Wageningen University into practical solutions with which companies can effectively solve their water problems. In this area, we are frontrunner in the world. We focus on three areas: re-use of water and nutrients, removal of salts and polluting agents, and microbial safety by disinfection. We can offer a mix of techniques for this, comprising (electro)membrane technology, chromatography, adsorption, extraction, advanced oxidation and drying. In addition, we have extensive knowledge of biobased and biodegradable additives as fully-fledged alternatives to chemical, poorly degradable substances.

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Wageningen Food & Biobased Research is working on various solutions within this research programme: