Fresh, Food & Chains

Good and varied food is the key to a fit and healthy life. The Fresh, Food & Chains business unit works on smart, technological solutions based on two research programmes: Healthy and delicious food, and Sustainable food chains.

Healthy and delicious food

The development of knowledge and technologies to further enhance the quality of our food products is a focal point within our research. We help the national and international food industry in the development and further improvement of products and processes. Thanks to our knowledge and expertise in the field of ingredients, product composition, production processes, consumer acceptation and legislation, we develop new technologies and innovative food products.

Sustainable food chains

Thirty to forty percent of all perishable products are lost somewhere in the chain. Making our food chains more sustainable is therefore a matter of considerable importance. We work with industry and consumers on a global level to develop technological and socially acceptable solutions. Our sphere of activities is diverse, and ranges from setting up sustainable fresh chains and improving quality and durability management to more efficient quality inspections.