Call for partners: Non destructive sensing for quality assessment in Agrifood products

Aiming to apply or improve non-destructive sensing methods for quality assessment of agrifood products in your business? Wageningen Research is starting a consortium on this topic.

Increasingly, non-destructive sensing methods like NIR, Hyperspectral imaging, X-Ray, TeraHertz are finding their way from experimental status to every-day practice. Still a lot needs to be done to develop robust applications for a wide range of agrifood products.

Sensors and applications

Smart Technology is rapidly developing in addressing automated quality assessment throughout agrifood chains. A growing diversity of new sensors and sensor-applications is being developed by Universities and industry. Data resulting from all these sensors is more and more combined (in real-time) through smart data analysis and using AI (multi sensor approach). The aim for end-users in agrifood is fast and robust quality prediction for a wide range of agri- and (processed) food products to support better decision making in sorting, processing, packing, etc.

Opportunity is clearly there in maximizing yield and resource-efficiency, minimizing losses from farm to fork and align to the ever changing needs of consumers.

New approaches

Instead of the limitations and difficulties in taking representative samples from batches and performing destructive quality measurements, there is a clear need in agrifood to assess ‘quality’ of complete batches ‘in-line’ in a non-destructive way. This requires new approaches in Non-destructive sensing technology and data-analysis.

Based on a number of specific use-cases (preferably supplied by the project partners), existing knowledge and experience in computer-vision (wide range of the spectrum) will be combined with additional research, development and validation towards applications for specific products. Each use-case will be a separate work-package in the project. Knowledge exchange between the work-packages will be an important factor to learn from each other’s progress.

Invitation to collaborate

This consortium is open for participation from companies active in agrifood industry (animal products, fruit, vegetables, potato, food, ingredients) ranging from primary production, food-processing to retail. As well engaged in direct production of agrifood products as in supply of breeding material, ingredients and technical equipment. In return for in-cash and in-kind contributions to the project, partners can specify desired topics for research, and provide direction to the research activities. Unfortunately we are not able to reply to solicitations from research institutes or enquiries from students related to this project.